Friday, October 30, 2009

The ten considerations for new and experiences Internet Business Café entrepreneurs.

By Erny Setyawati

The Information Communication Telecommunication (ICT) problems in Developing Countries are almost the same. The lack of infrastructure, high cost internet access and human recourse. The matters above create a new problem, digital divide.
Digital divide mean imbalance between town people and rural area people, chance to access information, especially from internet. The Government try to decrease the Digital Divide through working together with stake holders.
The existing of Internet Cafés have important role to help decreasing the problem, although they must think the business side, cash flow money and excellent services to their customers. There are few strategies that Internet cafes entrepreneurs must do in order to give excellent services to their costumers. We also give suggestions for new Internet Café entrepreneurs.
1. Choosing location
The new Internet café entrepreneurs must think the location that the Internet Café will build. The dense population not guarantee, your Internet Café will be visited peoples. We should know the majority education of the people background, job, and age. Take survey first before build the business, is wise solution. You can also visit the government site, to look at the people data and information.
Choosing the strategies location is wise, as near school, campus or boarding house.
2. Human recourse
We must have potential human recourse, as knowing network management, server management, internet content and others technique problems in this business. Few developing countries have pornography regulations. The purpose of the regulations, to avoid mental disorder for young generations.
Few developing countries block pornography sites to be accessed, as China and Indonesia. China has great wall virtual to prevent their people to access pornography sites and others sites that had been banned by government.
Indonesia has not made the Internet Café regulation yet, so that the Internet entrepreneur must banned the pornography sites and not give pornography film as service.
3. Local culture
Consider and learn the local culture before building Internet Café business. Rural culture is complicated, if you never pay attention about this. It will impact to your business.
The religion people back ground, wise to recommend to religion sites. The Industry center people, recommend to marketing site, blogging site for creating blog, strategies internet marketing products, design products and others. The administrator know more about site content, help customers. Make your Internet Café business will be visited by varieties people back ground.
4. Competitive in service is better than price
The Internet Café entrepreneur must give excellent service to the customers, as better place, secure place and nice monitor. The customers like LCD monitor than CRT monitor now days, because LCD monitor more comfortable than CRT.
Do not increase the price although the access higher than others, cause it will impact to your business cash flow.
5. Consider to use open source software
Be consider to use open software, as Linux, cause more efficient than using license software. Linux has familiar performance to your customers, cause Linux has software standard as browser, Yahoo! Messenger and IRC.
6. The Internet Café Business must have license from the Government.
The most important think to do for Internet business café, have license from local government. The license will give you chance and trusted for asking soft loan from the Bank and networking to the local government and vendor.
7. Joining Internet Café business Association.
The new or experiences Internet Café business entrepreneurs should join the Association that has been exist in your local area. You will find network over there, sharing experiences and problems with the same professions, including others purposes.
8. Identity cards and log activity for customers.
Asking identity card and save log activity for your customers to avoid cyber crime, pornography access and others illegal customers activities.
9. Avoid to build Internet café business in rural area.
Generally rural area is lack of infrastructure even no infrastructure than town area. Be wise to build Internet Café business in area, have not or lack infrastructure, cause you will spent high capital to build it. Finally the customers will be got highest cost for access. It will impact to your cash flow business and your customers will run.
10. Give a simple training to your new customers.
Not all people in developing countries becoming familiar to use Internet, even don’t know at all.
Using Internet comparison few countries in Asia.
Singapore 66,3 %
Malaysia 47,8 %
Brunei 33,5 %
Vietnam 19,4 %
Indonesia 8,9 %
Give simple training how to use internet becoming your task, if you want your customers grow. Give good service and do not forget to ask them come back to your café.

Erny Setyawati
is freelance on line writer and the writer of Bali Global Market Ezine,
. She is interested in writing article about
tourism, business on line, affiliate program, cooking recipes and handy craft
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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Shrimp Chips, the popular icon from Sidoarjo

International people seldom know about chips, especially Europe and USA. Although chips are so popular between Asian people, especially Indonesia, and Malaysia, but people seldom know how to make it and the story began. Chips can be made with variation of taste, but the most popular is fish taste and shrimp taste.
Sidoarjo regency East Java is so rich with shrimp and fish products, tried to process the fish and the shrimp to be delicious chips, although the processing seems still traditional.
Once upon time, there is District called Jabon, almost all the people process chips to be daily work and support their life. The pioneer is Mr. H. Darrim, Mutini, Suryani have been starting the products since 1976. Because of their passion, their business becomes improvement significant until today. A lot of people followed their business so that assemble 52 chips entrepreneurs and chips maker now. The improvement and willingness of people and chips entrepreneurs, make Jabon District become Chips Center Village. Because of the scrimp chips popularity at Sidoarjo, finally become icon of the town.
They always make varieties taste and afford to make export to few countries.
The traditional process of chips is not difficult, but need diligent and passion to make it. We will give you, few steps how to make it and the ingredient you should have,
1. Prepare fresh fish and clean them. Pounding into soft and be ready to be mixture with others ingredients.
2. Prepare flour and con starch and mixture with pounding fish, salt and enough water and ready to be pellets.

3. Make the shape and slice thin. Shape again and dry on the sun. The chips are ready to be packed after drying.

Few entrepreneurs try to create chips machine in order to be process quickly, but not all chips maker can afford to buy it.
You can find and buy varieties of chips at store, Mal, traditional market, even you find at Air port Juanda Surabaya or Sukarno Hatta Air Port Jakarta.

What are popular products from Sidoarjo regency East Java? It must be Scrimp chips products. You can find this products at many places, from traditional market, mal, store until International Air Port , especially Sukarno Hatta Air Port and Juanda Air Port. How to make it and what is story began, read it here…..!


Welcome people! Hand in hand and to know more about us

What did the Armed Forces doing in their 64 Anniversary 2009 at Sidoarjo East Java Indonesia. They held exhibition to show the Sidoarjo people that Armed Forces had enough force to defend Indonesia country.
Captain Infantry Gathut Setiyo Utomo as the Commander of District Military Command at Sidoarjo had an idea to held united exhibition, with Navy, Police, Army and Air Force. They hand in hand together to make people to be near with them. People tend to blame that Armed Forces are not strong enough to defend Indonesia country from others country attack, especially terrorist, bomb threatening and criminals attached
There are many Armed Forced equipment exhibited at the moment, as Armored vehicle, landing craft, bomb tame, and the Robot that be created for Bomb tame.
There is special robot that had been used for Noordin M. Top caught operation at Temanggung Midle Java last August.
The Regent of Sidoarjo Mr. Win Hendrarso had chance to get in Armored vehicle from Pendopo to exhibition area and saw aero modeling show at town square.
Children were from junior up to senior high school so eager to visit stand by stand for getting information and saw Armed Forces equipment.
Personal armored vehicle combat has been created by Pindad Factory at Malang Indonesia also shown at the exhibition.
People and children could get in the vehicle combat, tour along the road in the Town Square. People and children never stopped visiting the exhibition from opening ceremony (October 6 2009 until closing October 9, 2009)
What did the purposes and the meaning of the exhibition for the people, children, and young generations.
1. Children and young generations become love to Armed Forced, perhaps some day they would join with them.
2. People and young generations would know how hard to be Armed Forced, as Navy, Air Force, Army or police. It needs sacrifice to defend Indonesia country from enemy. They would be full responsibility, if they would be.
3. To be Armed Forces is honorable profession, needing sacrifice, endurance and passion. If they would be Armed Forced some day, they would love their country with all their body and soul.
4. The exhibition shown how strong the Armed Forced in Indonesia. They have been equipped with a lot of modern equipment.
5. The exhibition shown, how clever and modern, people in Indonesia. They could make Personal armored vehicle combat.
6. How the best strategies the Indonesia police had done so that Noordin M TOP success to be killed.
People, children and young generations had got lesson from them. Thank to Sidoarjo Armed Forces. You are success hand in hand with people and stakes holders.

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What would the Batik crafts and Batik entrepreneurs do after The UNESCO strengthens Batik to be world inheritance culture?

The Batik strengthening by United Nation Culture Organization (UNESCO), begin starting point to Batik Crafts and Batik entrepreneurs Indonesia. The Government of Indonesia declare the second October 2009 becoming National Batik day, the action followed by many institutions, Government officials and Private officials had to wear Batik custom for one week began October 2 until 9 October 2009. The Batik crafts and Batik entrepreneurs made many events, as fashion show on the road, Mall and village. This declaration of UNESCO made the Batik craft and entrepreneurs relief, started empowers themselves to produce the Batik, create more design and improve the quality of the products.
This is the victory of Indonesia after facing conflict with Malaysia country about the patent of Batik. Regencies and Municipality had begun to dick the Batik culture many years ago before Indonesia declared for proclamation. It is not easy to make Batik, need passion, diligent and patient. The Batik process has stagnant procedure that has to follow before final finishing.
There are two kind of Batik that able to process, cap Batik and writing Batik. The most difficult one is writing Batik process, has to use traditional tool, as chanting, wax, small wajan to melt wax, mory cloth and dying process. Before use chanting to do Batik, the mory cloth must be designed first, using pencil. The design process and design tool can take long time. That’s way UNESCO declare Batik to be original Indonesia culture inheritance.
The complicated process makes Batik crafts are made by old generation although the young generation begins to take glance wearing Batik in every day activities. To avoid Batik extinct, few senior and junior high school declare The Batik craft to be extra curriculum so that the young generation is interested in Batik painting and become batik entrepreneurs.
The popularity of Batik, make designers starting design Batik in order to be flexible to wear by old and young generation. It is not common before, cause Batik is only wore by old generation. How does the government support after The UNESCO strengthen Batik to be World inheritance culture?
1. Declare the National day for Batik. Give instruction to private and government office in order to wear Batik.
2. Regency and Municipality empower craft Batik and Batik entrepreneurs to improve the quality.
3. Making local Batik to be custom of Government official.
4. Giving capital to improve Batik products.
5. Give facility for seminar. Exhibitions, marketing and others activity.
The crafts and entrepreneurs Batik try to make efforts like below,
1. Empower themselves to make improving in quality.
2. To market Batik locally and Globally.
3. Create Batik Associates so that they can solve problem and share between them.
4. Train how to design Batik to young generations.
5. Designers try to design Batik in order to look better and being like by young generations.
6. Batik Fashion show.

Kompyang, the traditional hamburger from sidoarjo

Kompyang is one of traditional cake from china that so popular few years ago. The hard cake is made from flour mixture with salt and water and baking in hot soil stove. The kompyang avoid baking in the oven in order to keep the cake look traditional. Generally kompyang shape and size is the same with traditional cake, Bakpau from china, but few people make it with different shape.
Once upon time, one of the District at Sidoarjo regency east Java, called Krembung has tried to modify the Kompyang to be variation taste, sour taste and filling with chicken source so that more delicious taste. Pak Timin has been Kompyang entrepreneur since 1961, is so diligent to make improvement to this cake. He becomes success kompyang maker and seller. The market of his kompyang can spread to Sidoarjo, Malang, Jember, Probolinggo and Banyuwangi.
Pak Timin and his friend explained the experiences when the Sidoarjo Festival was held at Sidoarjo regency on September 11 until 18, 2009
He explained all his experiences when he began joining Chinese, learning how to make kompyang and told the audience how to make it step by step.
He told us, baking kompyang is different with others cake. We must have a stove from soil and only one place sell the stove, at Gresik east Java. There are few steps how to make kompyang in order to be good result,
1. We must burn the soil stove in order to be hot first. You can take the hot from burning wood that placed on the spade. We place the spade in the soil stove for little moment until the stove hot.
2. We prepare the kompyang ingredient while we are waiting the stove hot.
We mixture flour, salt and water to be mixture ingredient and shape like bakpao (traditional cake from China) You can fill with varieties taste that people like. For the time being, Pak Timin create chicken source taste and chocolate taste. He will create others varieties taste in the future.
3. Placed the ingredient on the wall of soil stove, keep them until baked.
Making Kompyang is too easy and the ingredient can buy in every small shop, but the most difficult one, the soil stove to bake it. The soil stove is too specific and you can not buy every where, the soil stove can be found at Gresik east java and the price is expensive too. Bapak Timin became a pioneer at his village, followed by others people at the time, but the people not only create kompyang. They made roti goreng, orok orok, cakue, kue Lumpur, gempo, kucur and onde onde.
The regent of Sidoarjo Regency, Bapak Win Hendrarso saw the district potential and decided to declare the Krembung district became Kampoeng Jajanan Center at Sidoarjo regency. The Government of Sidoarjo regency empowers the Krembung entrepreneurs, to give capital and training and helping socialize the potential through Jawa Pos media and Internet
The regent hope, they can be empowered by their talent and improving their economy and standard of live.

The Kampoeng Sepatu (The shoes village center) at Sidoarjo.

How do you feel when you wear shoes or slipper for your activities every day? Going to the campus, party, office, school and others activities, you must choose the shoes or slippers that comfortable to wear, beside fashionable. There are many fashionable and trendy shoes and slippers to sell now days and people are free to choose and buying. It is hard to competitive for shoes entrepreneurs and shoes craft now days. They must have strategy how to make the best products, marketable and cheaper than others shoes products.
There are many shoes craft in Java especially, Cibaduyut Bandung, Tajur Bogor, Mojokerto and Sidoarjo.
Sidoarjo regency is so near from Surabaya as capital City of East Java, to make starting point to create idea, making Kampoeng sepatu dan sandal or the shoes and slipper village center. There are almost 69 entrepreneurs including shoes craft and slippers have joined at Krian as center of this home industry. The history began in 1915 when the young man was called Talkah, started to make a shoes was clued by corn starch mixture with water and shook in the bamboo. The clue was also made from crepe mixture with gasoline that taken from invader car, Dutch. A bamboo nail used to nail high heel shoes and used lemon nail from Dutch shoes, placed on top of the shoes. The improvement of technology makes the entrepreneurs and shoes craft change their mind, starting to design good model and the way to make the shoes. The existing of IFSC ( International Foot Shoes Center) at Sidoarjo helped the shoes craft to improve the quality products, cause the IFSC always gives training how to make the best shoes products to all shoes craft in Indonesia.
The Sidoarjo regency through Wien Hendrarso as the Regent of Sidoarjo tries hard to improve the economy local including entrepreneurs and shoes crafts together with chamber of Commerce and Industry Sidoarjo Regency and supported by others stake holders, hand and hand together to gain one vision. Empowering local economy in order to avoid broken economy, cause of never ending hot volcano mud. There are few strategies how to improve local economy, especially for shoes craft and shoes entrepreneurs,
1. Create Kampoeng sepatu ( Shoes Village Center) and support them capital and training to improve quality and ready to be competitive with others products.
2. Hold Sidoarjo Festival that had happened at September 11 until 18 September 2009 for this year. Hope, it will be annual event every year. According evaluation, the entrepreneurs pulled a lot of benefits from the event.
3. Show off to people how to make shoes rapidly and give a lot of discount for buyers.
4. marketing through internet in order to gain global buyers.
The soul of entrepreneurs had been begun since 1913, make the entrepreneurs and shoes crafts have strong willingness to improve their business, talent and marketing strategies. The location of Shoes Village Center is far away from the capital city, must have strategies how to pull buyers to come. The tourism schedule for visiting the village center is good idea also.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Starting a new business, just do it!

By Erny Setyawati

Martin Luther King JR that so popular with his speaks, “ I have a Dream
“ and hero of similarity for black skin would be got into tear drops when
Barack Obama to be chosen by people and winner as President America in General
Election November 4, 2008. People world wide would given a lesson that ethnic
and race not influence some one to be President and got totally winner from
John Mac Chain from Republic Party. The successful of Barac Obama can give us
inspirations, gaining success that we are dreaming, we must make a change. We
some time have vision and dreaming to success on business, career or others
dreaming, but never do change. There are few challenges that we must avoid,

1. Bad experiences.

We are some time afraid to start again, because of our last bad experiences,
as failed business, failed in career and others dreaming that you have done,
but failed. Focus for your future dreaming, find new strategies, improve your

2.Afraid of failure.

People tend to be hesitated to start a new business, because of being afraid
failure. To gain successful in business or every thing that you are dreaming
of, depend on conviction. The conviction is first capital to be success. Do
not hear others negative opinion. A great pleasure in life is doing what other
people say you can’t do it, so Just do it !

3.Do action and mental winner.

You must have winner mental and do action now. Without action, your work never
finished. Action is power. Success people, not tremendous people, but some one
is brave to make the first step. The winner never quit, quitter never win!

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